Our Testimonials


We appreciate all the feedback our clients provide. See what others we have served are saying about Harold Karro & Company.

"I've been a client since about 1992 and they've helped me over the years through many financial challenges including annual personal tax filings, a voluntary disclosure, tax planning, annual company report filing, U.S. dollar conversions, bookkeeping, investment planning and so much more.  I have faith in their client advocacy and financial guidance.  I nominate this company as having the highest integrity, ethics and personalized professionalism." 

Jaisri M. Lambert

“Excellent service.  I have been a client for 24 years (personal and business) and have experienced exceptional service.  Farzana go above and beyond to provide the best advice and service”.

Rae Strachan. Fleetwood Physiotherapist Corporation

"This company is a complete life saver! My husband and I found them because he had five years of back-taxes that needed to be done, as you can imagine this was a very stressful situation for us. For this situation we really needed someone we trusted to do a good job. Farzana went above and beyond to assist us. First, she recognized how stressful the situation was for us and how this was a big deal for us financially. Second, she found us  multiple ways to reduce what we owed. She worked with my husband to take advantage of capital losses on our properties and wrote a letter to the CRA helping to explain the reasons behind the last few years. We cannot give a higher recommendation. The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. "

Deirdre Kiely.

"Feeling overwhelmed and insecure in the handling of my taxes and business and not sure how to handle personal changes within my immediate family I was looking for help and advice. During the past few years of working with Farzana Jamal and her equally capable and supportive office staff I have realized that I could not be in better hands.  Farzana has consistently gone beyond my expectations and suggested many alternative approaches , ideas,contacts and methods of staying on top of my taxes and life finances that I has formally felt insecure with.   Farzana Jamal is a compassionate and caring accountant who connects with her clients and able to offer a depth of knowledge and expertise in the business of accounting and consulting.  One of the best decisions I have ever made was to become one of her clients and I know I could not be in a better place."  

Anne T.

"Words can't describe how much Farzana has helped over the past three years.  Her professionalism and guidance is so much appreciated.  This is not my favourite time of year.  Farzana is always positive and takes the time to go through every detail.  I appreciate all that she does!"

Katherine M.

"My accountant Farzana Jamal was incredibly patient and walked me through all my deductions and gave me advice how to compile receipts in the proper categories.  I ended up getting about $12K BACK!  So cool!  I used to be self-employed so my taxes were even more complicated.  I have gone to them for advice on whether to buy or lease a car, and deductions for my home office.  Farzana always takes time out of her day to answer my questions.  I have nothing but good things to say about Farzana, she makes it soooo easy.  I would want more people to go there but not too many, because Farzana is so nice she still "lets" me file at the last minute every year."

David T. Vancouver, BC.

"Farzana is on the ball! She gave me money saving tips (like tally up your own receipts), thoroughly looked through what I was claiming and then walked me through it, all in an easy to figure out kinda way."

Crystal H. Vancouver, BC.